Captain Naughty Kitty

First, though, the back story. Isn’t there always a back story? Read on, Gentle Readers.

It goes like this. My roommate has 2 cats. They are ferals learning about how to live in a house. They’re not doing very well at it. ..and then there’s Lou, the Samuel L. Jackson of catdom–you know, cool as ice until it’s time to not be cool as ice.

One could safely say that the feline integration process around here is *ahem!* ‘interesting’.

Now this whole matter is complicated by the fact that one of the ferals is an over-the-top diva, and she has decided that she does not like me, Lou, anyone else, or, as I suspect, herself. The hissing, the spitting, and the carrying on is a sight to behold.

I am not impressed. Neither is Lou.

Today, she went a little too far with her little diva act and decided she was going to slap Lou in the face. I figured it was all over, since Lou is twice diva-cat’s size and could easily end her nonsense with one well-aimed jump & chomp.

Lou, to his credit, was a gentleman about it and walked away. Only to turn and watch her from the dining room. I stuck around, figuring something was going to go down..I figured he was stalking diva-cat for an attack.

I was mistaken.

Instead, he waited until diva-cat’s back was turned, stalked right up behind her in twinkle-toes mode..and gave her a good solid whack! across her hind end..jumped back a few feet and sat down to wash his paws.

I could only stand there and laugh, as that pain in the behind cat whipped around, howling and spitting her protests with no idea what she should do next.

Finally I snagged a toy and managed to distract her, Lou and the other cat with a game..and that settled things down nicely. At least for now.


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