What to do When You Make a Mistake Raising Your Pet

First, a confession. I’ve made many mistakes with my own pets over the years.

Some were minor, like using the cheapest pet brush from the pet supply store to try and brush out a matted Collie coat. The brush literally came apart in the middle of a mat. I had to cut out the brush, and the mat, leaving a huge hole in the middle of my dogs’ coat.

Some of my pet related screwups required stitches. Like the time my Persian cat jerked her leg into the slicing edge of my grooming shears and opened herself up.

Some wound up in embarrassment. I once had a Collie that refused the ‘stay’ command. We had a battle of wills over this for several years, until I found out that he would ‘wait’ all day long, on command. *facepalm* (more on communicating with your SO when you share pets, in another post)

As you can see, I’ve been there, done that, when it comes to making a mistake when raising pets. and I’ve had to fix some of those mistakes..well, fix them as best I could anyway. Some I had to get help with.

It occurs to me that I’m not the only one who has made mistakes with their pets. So, it occurred to me that perhaps a post on quickly recovering from those mistakes was in order.

Once the mistake is realized, do what comes first. My personal go-to is the use of a few well-placed obscenities. Most of my pets are well-used to me muttering ‘Dammit!’ at one volume or another. I know I’ve mentioned this before. 🙂

Next, is to work on the fix for the problem. Whether it involves a treat, an apology, some petting, or a run to the vet, depends on the situation.

Hint: Have your vet and the local emergency vet on speed dial. When you’re covered in something disgusting, the less you have to think about, the better.

Later, when the crisis is over, examine what went wrong, and work on a more permanent fix for the problem. For example, after the grooming injury incident with my Persian, I spent some time talking to my mentor for the grooming industry, wondering where I’d gone wrong and how to not go wrong again. She advised me accordingly and taught me a different technique and introduced me to different equipment. Problem solved.

Perhaps I’ve oversimplified that last part, though. Not all fixes for mistakes you’re going to make with your pet are going to be obvious. Nor are all mistake fixes going to be simple. But most are.

The important part though, is that you recognise that you’ve made a mistake and you reach out for help. Somewhere.

Many of us in the pet industry are pet owners ourselves, have made (and recovered from) our own mistakes that we’ve made, and are more than perfectly willing to help those pet owners who are willing to ask for help overcoming a pet owners’ mistake.

Last, but not least..forgive yourself for the mistake..and don’t repeat it. 🙂

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